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Rococo Fantasy Wig 14 Euros

This Blonde Natural Wig was Handmade and Inspired in the Venecian Mask Parties did it by me.

This Blonde Wig is a Rococo style did it in natural alpaca hair, so soft and real.

It was a piece design by me like a part of a New Collection of Removable Wigs to put in your doll only with a little glue or like ornament for your Lady Room Set or Shop. Please Wait The New Collection is coming soon !!!!

It is a Venecian Style Wig very formal, serious but at the same time very reach, Its hugh high is not normal for a doll wig 4-4,5 cm aprox and is completed decor with small old gold pearls according to the chocolate feathers of the back of it. The pearls fil the wig with so delicacy that the result is a sophisticate piece. In the back of the wig has a small chignon with a gold clasp to hold the 3 pieces of different tones of chocolate feathers.

The Rococo Wig is ideal to put in your doll with a old gold, gold or chocolate dreess party. It would make it a very refined set for your doll.

It took me hours to had that volume, high and put each pearl with so care for the glue never wouldn´t be seeing for the human eye in the hair,that it is impossible to put price to it

This kind of Fantasy Rococo Wigs was very popular, so high hair about 4-4,5 cm, with out feathers, very rich in details and colours, volume, and high....everything was possiblle tu put on it; feathers of all kind of colours, rainbow of it, pearls, brooches, necklaces were putting on the hair too. The rich of the Dresses and Wigs showed the high level in the society of the owners in that periods of History. They lived to show her power and wealth.

I am trying to do something different with this miniatures, a special line of pieces for the most demanding collectors in "Ana Dolls Boutique". Each piece in the shop is unic and special.

Each Wig is diferent to other, I NEVER REPEAT A PIECE. This is a UNIC PIECE.

The are made for some of the best artI always try to look for faces that express something according to my designs. She is shy and nervous before of the moments of her marriage


Please if you have any doubt don´t hesitate to contact with me. You can have your dream wig. Let me know to


I have loved both fashion and history since childhood and began collecting 1:12 miniatures. Now, I have fulfilled my dream of helping others to collect them and working at what I am most passionate about with the help of someone dear to me. This colleague is a great artist who is modest, generous and fun, and who reminds me to enjoy life day by day, step by step. Collecting miniatures is my life, and Ana Dolls’ Boutique is the most joyful part of my life. I hope it becomes a joy in your life also.

I am available for consultations, as well as furnishing the perfect interior pieces for your scene. Whether you want to re-arrange a room, decorate a new home, create or update a scene, I am more than happy to help. I provide only high quality, hand crafted pieces in a range of competitive prices, with a wide variety of unlisted items available. Please feel free to contact me for all your miniature needs.