Formulario y derecho de desistimiento

To develop something you have 3 days and the buy has to arrive completly new in perfect conditions as I sell and with its box and certificate in case of have it and the shipping back cost wil pay buy the customer. The dolls are limit edition and they are not allow to develop after the buy.

In case of cancel a order you loose the 40% of the deposit did it when you do a order.

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I have loved both fashion and history since childhood and began collecting 1:12 miniatures. Now, I have fulfilled my dream of helping others to collect them and working at what I am most passionate about with the help of someone dear to me. This colleague is a great artist who is modest, generous and fun, and who reminds me to enjoy life day by day, step by step. Collecting miniatures is my life, and Ana Dolls’ Boutique is the most joyful part of my life. I hope it becomes a joy in your life also.

I am available for consultations, as well as furnishing the perfect interior pieces for your scene. Whether you want to re-arrange a room, decorate a new home, create or update a scene, I am more than happy to help. I provide only high quality, hand crafted pieces in a range of competitive prices, with a wide variety of unlisted items available. Please feel free to contact me for all your miniature needs.