Anabela Dress Designs for Dolls by Order

Here we offer only a small part of High Couture Dresses, Hat  or Flowers Bouquets for the hair according to the style of the doll and the dress, desing by Anabela, for make possible you design your own doll with his/her own personality.


I always try that all the dolls beening design with all the care possible for having the best result, like a mum that look after a baby. Each face has been selected for being according to the Anabela Dress Design, the hair style, the complements, the make up, the face´s features...All the dolls design has suffer a process of begining and later mature of it that tooks time and of course if you don´t know which select or would like any advice for a present, a room scene or a doll for some dollhouse period, I will recomend the best dessign and complements fot that situation, scene, dollhouse 1/12 or that so special gft of birthday or byyours, for having that nice results like "Limited Dolls Collection" but with the detail that you have select all the elements, all the complements, or the fabric or perhaps prefer a dress in some colour...At the end we have "Your Dream Doll" with all the elements selected by you, face, body, dress, style...and you will put the name to your doll and have defined her/his personality byyourself.



This make this shop different, special, you not only buy a doll, you create your own doll, taking the time necessary to have all do you need or if we haven´t we dessign, we look for, fo having what do you want, the best design, the best porcelain dolls 1/12 with different faces that express different moments of the live or Ladies in High Couture Lingeriee for your Lady Room Dollhouse 1/12.


Please this are only several examples of dresses or hats that we can offer, Rococo, Victorian or Edwardian Style. Let me know if you have any doubt or are interesting in other kind of design of some period with embroider or only with silk and I will send you the most according to your peticion, please trust me at the end you will create your dream doll and that is the most gorgerous part of this work that the collector, the customer has a piece that would be a jewell and learn to love it as we do when we create it.


I have to say that work with Anabela always is a pleasure. She always make me everything very easy and tp the customer too, because we look togethereverything for having the best result for you, "Your Dream Doll" we work like it would be for us and we enjoy as much our work that you can see the end in all this small but comfortable shop, it is a boutique!!


Anabela is considering, now in Europe, one of the best High Couture Designers. She normally goes every years to Shows like Chicago International, New York, Paris, California, Holland, Spain....and their creations are very well recive by customers and collectors, year after year, because each year she surprise us with new creations. Some of her creations are now in museums. She is known for her fine embroidered in 1/12, that only few people in the world can do, so exactly so sophisticated, so perfect in a that small scale, for that reason this dress is a real jewell.


Each doll carry on a Authenticity Certificte Anabela´s Dress Desig sign it for her, with the name of the customer who by the doll, the name of the doll you choose "XXXX. Sellina is presentatio in a special box, with a small gift, according to the range of kind of special doll that she is.


I hope you enjoy the view of the gorgerous designs in all the shop and of course thanks for your support that make me so happy.




Dress Designs for the Dolls

M1. Wedding Dress Crue silk full of embroidered skirt and with a very old lace in champagne colours





M2. Edwardian Walking Dress Simple Line Design but rich in soft quality pink silk with small details of laces, bows.





M3. DOLL SOLD DRESS UP WITH THIS DESIGN. The owner don´t allow us to show the doll at the web.





M4 Victorian Skirt and Jacket in Blue Colour of cotton, combining a pastel blue jacket with a white and blue cotton skirt with polison and a small emborider in the jaquet and laces. DOLL SOLD DRESS





M5 French Style, Shaby, Rococo, Victorian Romantic Line Dress Design in Blue colours with pastel colour laces and bows. DOLL SOLD DREES UP WITH THIS DESIGN





M6 Wedding Dress, Pary Dress or Walking Dress of a very Romantic Line of dress in crue and pastel embroider coulours in the body of the dress that make it a jewell . DOLL SOLD DRESS UP WITH THIS DESIG





M7 Wedding dress full of pink roses embroider in the front of all the body. Design by Anabela.





M8 Gorgerous Wedding Dress or Party Dress in Gold Silk very rich in laces and bows. Design By Anabela.





M.9 Wedding Dress made of very old lace with wedding tail according to.





M.10 Wedding Dress in peach and grey colour made with old lace.





M.11 Maria Antoniete Dress Style made of crue old  lace with bows in blue colours with gorgerous flowers embroider in blue too on the body.





M.12 Edwardian Dress in grey colours lace. A very simple line full of details that makez it a gorgerous piece with that leaves typical of the period. 





Anabela Hat Designs for Dolls by Order





This hats can be added to your Doll by Order or design one for the dress design for you. This are only examples !!

Porcelain Dolls

To show and select the most apropiate porcelain OOAK 1/12 doll according to  High Couture Mannequin or Hat Anabela´s Designs please contac with me and let me know wich doll would you like to have , or If you hadn´t seen any mannequin according to your pleasure we can send other desings or do one specially  for you with all the complements necessary and according for each dress only for you or we can do Duplication of a real dress you have and make a real doll with it. 


I am an expert on create Your Doll´s Dream!! Don´t hesitate to ask me all kind of doubts, everything is important for me, all your doubts are mines. Here all the opinions are important and we try to look for the best dress for the most demanding customer, or a new client who wants to make a special gift to somebody and don´t understand about this miniature world, the fashion´s period of History. That is my world you only have to tell me "What do you need?? In what can I help you??? Have you got claer the type o doll that do you want or the period of history that it would be???


Tell me all your thoughts!! Here you are the most important, you are friend-customer not customer-friends, alsways I am trying to imporve the shop, increase the service and the range of services that the shop offer and see what the customer, the collector need. This is my work look your dream doll that are more than a simple doll, the have their own personality sometimes according to their owners. This is the paradise of the dolls and here I only show a part of that big paradise that we can create together or show you.




I have loved both fashion and history since childhood and began collecting 1:12 miniatures. Now, I have fulfilled my dream of helping others to collect them and working at what I am most passionate about with the help of someone dear to me. This colleague is a great artist who is modest, generous and fun, and who reminds me to enjoy life day by day, step by step. Collecting miniatures is my life, and Ana Dolls’ Boutique is the most joyful part of my life. I hope it becomes a joy in your life also.

I am available for consultations, as well as furnishing the perfect interior pieces for your scene. Whether you want to re-arrange a room, decorate a new home, create or update a scene, I am more than happy to help. I provide only high quality, hand crafted pieces in a range of competitive prices, with a wide variety of unlisted items available. Please feel free to contact me for all your miniature needs.